For a while, I've felt like an outsider in this community and just sad whenever I log into this account. I'm not going to delete because I have a few helpful guides that some people may like. Goodbye.

I’ve seen loads of admins or potential admins asking how do you get a co-admin or asking for shout-outs looking for one. Hopefully, this guide will help you find a high-quality and trustful co-admin.

First off, the only way to get a good, quality admin, is to already have a plot in mind. You can’t just wake up one day thinking ‘Hey, I’m going to run a roleplay, but I can’t do it alone.’ You need to care about your roleplay - then your co-admin will too. Even just a rough plot or sketch of what you want to base your roleplay on is enough. This way, you’ll know your future co-admin has the same interests as you!

Next, come up with a decent URL. Nothing like ‘I-want-a-coadmin’ or ‘onacoadmin—-hunt’ because this looks unprofessional, along with using an icon of your would-be mascot. I, for one, will not lurk on a blog or rpg will a URL like this and if one looks for a shout-out, I’ll simply post their message and that’s it. Find something that coincides with the idea of your plot. If you want, you and your future co-admin can always change it in the future.

Now, you have your semi-plot, your URL and a tasteful icon that is not an Instagram picture of your model, what next? Posting your co-admin app of course! One problem, though. You can not for the life of you get your tags working - but don’t worry! This happens to everyone, but there’s numerous ways to get them working, though not instantly. Tumblr just needs to make sure you’re not a spammer.

Now, your tags are ready and working. Yay! So, you need to post the application for hopefuls to fill out and submit. I’ve seen plenty of asks on what you should include in this so here is one with all the basics:

Those are the basics that should be on you application, however, you can always add stuff to it that may take a little longer but if the applicant really wants to be your co-admin, they should be more than happy to fill it out.

Don’t accept the first applicant you get. Wait a few days, promote yourself a little more - you wouldn’t want to pick second best.

Get to know your co-admin a little more before giving them your password to the roleplay blog, just so you’re sure you can trust them fully.

Now, you’re all set to get a co-admin! I wish you and your roleplay all the best and if you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

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